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The current times are undoubtedly stressful. It is essential to add healthy practices such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness practice & Tai-chi to keep our sanity intact.

Today we will discuss how we can improve our lifestyle using Yoga, Meditation & CBD

CBD and Meditation: What is the Secret Connection?

Ideally, meditation is often affiliated with religious traditions like Buddhist practices. However, the reality is that several forms of meditation have been followed for centuries by various cultures. Meditation has always been popular. The long-lasting popularity of meditation is fundamentally due to its extensive range of benefits for the mind and the relaxed learning curve, which makes it much more convenient than other conventional practices like yoga. In this manner, meditation has many similarities to CBD oil, which is also beneficial for the body and mind and easy to use.

But can we use CBD and meditation together?

Will we get the desired results?

Let’s explore this in detail.

What is Meditation Exactly?

Meditation is a collection of practices aimed to promote mindfulness and a healthy sense of introspection and perspective. Meditation includes mental exercises, often followed by physical movements. Typically, it involves focusing all attention on one single thought or object without becoming distracted. In fact, the term “meditate” originated from Latin, and it means to think deeply about something or contemplate.

Benefits of Meditation

Research has proven that meditation can have many psychological and physiological benefits on the mind and the body. The many wellness-related advantages of meditation include:

  • Improved Focus and Attention
  • Increased Self-awareness
  • Improvements in Emotional Well-being
  • Decreased Heart Rate
  • Better Sleep
  • Less Stress
  • Reduced Anxiety

In the long term, meditation can further enhance different aspects of your life, such as professional career, personal relationships, and academic performance.

How CBD Boosts Meditation

The natural connection between cannabidiol (CBD) and meditation is undeniable. Similar to meditation, hemp-derived CBD also has properties that may help the mind and the body. A daily CBD regimen can produce the same results as those given by meditation, which is why thousands choose to enhance their weekly meditation routine with a small dose of CBD oil or other CBD products.

Those who have fused CBD and meditation report an enhanced sense of relaxation during and after each session. This method can also be useful for those who want to adjust their sleeping patterns and overall sleep quality. In the long run, users may also feel better performance and improvements in concentration at work.

Best CBD Products in India

There are various kinds of CBD products available as per your choice. CBD products are accessible in a broad range varying in flavors, dosages, and sizes. The most popular CBD product for meditation includes CBD oils, gummies, and capsules. Despite their variations in taste and appearance, all CBD products carry the same wellness benefits. So, deciding the best CBD for your meditation practice is totally up to you.

For the best quality CBD products that are entirely natural, make sure you buy products that have been derived using a CO2 extraction. This guarantees CBD extracts are free of metals, solvents, and other unnatural substances.

So far, we have identified the below two Indian CBD manufacturers who are offering high-quality CBD oils. We are reviewing the products for authenticity and observing its effects. We will publish our reviews soon.

Order CBD Oil – 13 Extracts

Order CBD Oil – Boheco Life

CBD & Yoga: A Growing Trend Among Wellness Enthusiasts

CBD’s popularity has risen rapidly in recent times due to credible studies and research confirming its potent anti-inflammatory properties. Its relaxing and soothing effects have helped CBD attain popularity in the realm of yoga. As a result, many yoga instructors are fusing CBD into their classes as they have noticed it to be a great supplement to their practice.

How Does CBD Work?

To learn how CBD may improve your yoga routine, it is crucial first to learn how CBD works. CBD interacts with our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), responsible for regulating vital functions like mood, sleep cycle, anxiety, and pain sensation. When CBD is ingested in the body, it cooperates with the ECS to assist in these and other significant functions that support a healthy body and mind.

Is CBD Legal in India?

At present, in India, there isn’t clarity around CBD extraction. The manufacturers selling CBD oils are operating a grey area as hemp products are legal. We are investigating and are in touch with authorities to obtain clarity.

Why Experts Are Turning to CBD

If you are planning to upgrade your yoga experience in an all-natural way, below are some of the most striking ways CBD can heighten your yoga experience:

Healthy Mind

If you are often anxious, stressed, or worried, reaching a heightened level of consciousness can become a challenging aim to obtain. Adding CBD to your yoga routine may prove to be the ideal solution to elevate your state of mind. CBD communicates with ECS receptors responsible for the flow of serotonin and dopamine. These two neurotransmitters play a vital role in improving social behavior and a good mood. CBD’s ability to enhance ECS functionality has long been used to minimize stress and anxiety levels. This is one of the primary reasons yoga experts nationwide are preferring to add it to their practice.

Healthy Body

Yoga is all about creating a healthy mind and a healthy body. One cannot do without the other. If sore muscles and joints limit you from becoming one with your body, CBD can be of great help. CBD communicates with pain receptors throughout the ECS, and its anti-inflammatory attributes may relieve the pain and aches, holding you back from trying new yoga poses. CBD can allow you to experience a new level of Zen.

Post-Yoga Zen

CBD can help you recuperate after your yoga sessions because of its relaxing and calming effects on the mind and the body. This is why many who do yoga at night prefer to take CBD after their sessions to help them get better sleep.

Go All-Natural

If you’re planning to increase your yoga sessions’ benefits, fusing CBD oil for relaxation into your routine is a lovely idea. However, it is essential to find CBD that is pure and natural to achieve the best results. 

Where should I buy CBD oil in India?

CBD industry is not regulated now. This has given rise to many companies who provide fake products. We want you to be healthy and safe while using CBD oils. 

Currently, we cannot recommend a manufacturer. Below mentioned are the two manufacturers who are selling CBD online.

13 Extracts

Boheco Life


Yes, CBD helps, and so does Yoga & Meditation. Hopefully, in the next month, we will be in a better position to recommend a place for your CBD needs. Till then, smoke up!


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