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It is right to say that CBD is the latest wellness craze. It’s so easy and handy to buy, even in places wherein cannabis isn’t legal, is because it is usually considered to be a food supplement. It lacks any of the addictive qualities of other drugs, as well as being non-psychoactive.
If it doesn’t cause side effects, it’s less of medicine and more of a healthy supplement to your life, right!
Well, that isn’t undoubtedly true – everything has a side effect!

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CBD and DRUG TESTS – Can CBD Make Me Fail a Drug Test?

A failed drug test due to a false positive can make things worse. Imagine losing your freedom or job because something in your system messed the result. It is crucial to remain drug-free. If you are feeling nervous about your CBD use, it is acceptable. It isn’t paranoia. If your regular CBD use someday results in your unemployment or worse – losing your job will be a terrible situation.
So, the question remains, Can CBD make you fail a drug test? Let’s find out.